I was just watching the Tri Robinson video about his root cellar that lead me to his homestead blog and found myself (as I have many times in the past several years) feeling a deep longing to live the life I feel called to–one of production not just consumption; one of simplicity and connection to this earth; one of real community and fellowship. I read of communities of folks working together to learn and grow their own food, sweating together toward a common goal of providing for themselves and those in need.

Is GOD calling you to a new way of life?

Is GOD calling you to a new way of life? (montage by J Fowler)

I read of people just going for it, getting away from the trappings of consumerism. I read of barn and field and root cellar; of cows and chickens, fresh milk and eggs, from their own animals- not from the factory. I read and see other doing it and I feel such a longing in my soul that I feel ready to cry, scream, jump out of my skin. Then I feel overwhelmed at how to get there. What can God be doing? Why has my heart been so enraptured with these concepts; with this way of living? Why do I despise the grocery store? How will I get to this place I hear calling me? Do you hear this call?

Pam Fowler

Pam is co-founder, along with her husband, of the Sustainable Traditions project. She is a barefoot, kombucha-making, natural mama of seven homeschooled kids. In her spare time...ha! What is spare time?
Pam Fowler

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