Community Gardens: Churches Find Their Local Mission

missional gardens

Does your church have a community garden? Now is the time to start one!

Times are hard for many local communities all over our nation (and around the world) as economic recovery has proved to be an illusion for many. Unemployment continues to sky-rocket and the need for social service programs is growing. But to meet this challenge a growing movement of churches is taking the timeless tradition of small-scale food production and giving it a missional twist.

Rising to meet the needs of local food banks, their own members and as a means of outreach to their communities- many congregations are taking the idea of local, sustainably raised food and cultivating the land as a means to enact the Gospel and the Kingdom love of Jesus. Take a look at one Canadian church’s efforts to do just that (video by Canadian media outlet 100 Huntley Street– 2009):

There is still time to organize a church-based community garden this growing season. What are you waiting for?

(Note: if you are in the Lynchburg/Bedford, Virginia area we would love to talk to you about starting a community garden at your church. We would also love to hear from you if you are near us and have already started on the path toward missional community gardening)



  1. Our church wasn’t able to grow too much by way of volume, but we did manage to start by growing some unique herbs and vegetables that most soup kitchens wouldn’t have on hand. Our cucumbers weren’t too hot compared to what their distributors provided, but a few baskets of fresh basil, sage, peppers, and chard were very appreciated by the cooks.

    • Ed that is awesome! He who is faithful with little is faithful with much. Everything worth doing starts with small steps. -shalom brother!

  2. I have been thinking about how to start a community garden and was planning on seeking church help. I have more planning and work to do before the community garden starts, but I personally tithe my garden. I try to give some of my garden away to people I know can use it. I started last year and it can be hard to figure out what a good tithe is but it can be a way to make a small difference.

  3. In Atlanta , Ga
    I am looking at community gardening as a method to reach people for Christ and start new churches
    Dale Taylor

    • Dale: Sounds awesome! I would love to hear more about what you are planning – please use our contact form on the website and we can talk more by email. -shalom!


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