It amazes me how an addition is not just a physical thing. It once again reminds me of how we are whole beings; integrated beings. Our bodies affect our minds, which affect our emotions, which affect our spirits, and around and around it goes. I feel some physical affects of not having sugar but mostly it is my emotions and the rhythm of my day in which I feel the most uneasiness.

I found that sugar is my way to decompress. When the kids go for a nap, when they go to bed at night or anytime during the day when I feel overwhelmed, I go for the sweets. I was offended by most everything that my husband said to me last night. Also, I love to bake. Baking is my way of being creative. Being that I am in the kitchen most of the day anyway, baking is a creative outlet that is easy for me to fit in to the day.

Reclaiming the temple is really reclaiming my life; my thoughts, emotions and talents. This is where rededicating it all to the Lord comes in. He wants all of it. Not because He needs it or is some great fun stealer. I truly believe that He loves food too. That food is a way to connect with Him and others. It’s just that He knows, as I am coming to know (and truthfully have known), that this overfocus on sugar is not all at good for me. He loves me; a lot more than I love myself mostly.

So, for Him, I will wade through the headaches, grumpy attitude, routine changes, and anything else that comes flying my way. Why? Simple…He loves me.


Pam Fowler

Pam Fowler

Pam is co-founder, along with her husband, of the Sustainable Traditions project. She is a barefoot, kombucha-making, natural mama of seven homeschooled kids. In her spare time...ha! What is spare time?
Pam Fowler

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