Where On Earth Is Heaven?

The realization I came to a couple decades ago kindled a new hope in my heart—the understanding of the biblical promise that heaven was going to come to earth, and that the earth was going to be redeemed by “the Lamb who was slain”…

Reading Both of God’s Books

Theologians have historically categorized the Bible and nature as “two books,”…The first book, comprised of the inspired Scriptures of the Jewish and Christian faith, is called “special revelation.” The second of God’s two revelations is the book of nature, termed “general revelation.”

The Cyrus Principle

In his book Biology Through the Eyes of Faith, Dr. Richard Wright speaks of the Cyrus Principle in reference to the many non-Christians who have worked diligently to preserve the wonder and integrity of God’s creation and have in essence done what God’s children could have and should have at least been actively involved in.

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