Can You Backpack With Boxes?

Security does not come in a full fridge, money in the bank, a paycheck each week, knowing that you can get it if you need it, eating organically (this is the newest thing on the chopping block)…

Culture’s God or True God?

Why do we view God in the way that we do? I have been thinking a lot about the way that I think about God and His character-I have also been thinking a lot about how I think life ought to be and my role in it. How much of these things are truth and how much has been implanted by our culture?

Deep calls to Deep

I was just watching the Tri Robinson video about his root cellar that lead me to his homestead blog and found myself feeling a deep longing to live the life I feel called to–one of production not just consumption; one of simplicity and connection to this earth; one of real community and fellowship.

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