Reclaiming Our Food (Book Review)

“Across America, the grassroots food movement seems to be arising from a common feeling that we have lost our center…This book tells the story of people who are seeking to find a new center, to create meaning and purpose in their lives, to restore harmony and balance in their relationships with the land, food and each other…”

Year of Plenty (book review)

Year of Plenty is an insightful, profound yet humorous narrative that provides a refreshing perspective on the intersection between Christian faith and issues of economy, environment, community, consumption, justice and sustainability…

Jesus Died For This? (Book Review)

This book is wonderfully offensive…There is a bit of a gut-punch in their for all of us. And if we’re willing to leave our pseudo-piety behind we will discover that there is indeed a promised land for those of us who are willing to laugh at ourselves and strike out on a soul-searching journey towards the risen Jesus…

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