Towards An Embodied Christian Faith...

Returning to the Roots

Sustainable Traditions is a conversation on renewing an embodied Christian faith. Combining theology, cultural commentary, creative writing, and personal storytelling, this is written as a journal of sorts – a journey, towards renewed thinking and faithful practice, prophetic imagination and creative action. Jesus calls us – not to escape from this world – but to receive all things as gifts from God and to live into Eden’s mandate – to serve and cultivate the ‘gardens’ we find ourselves in. May we return to walking with our Creator in the cool of the day.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently in the midst of re-imagining this website and contemplating creating a podcast and other resources, focused on embodied Christian faith and intentional living. Check out our extensive archives and look for more developments in the coming days. 5/26/18

– Jason F., Sustainable Traditions co-founder

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