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A Call to A New Way of Life

We live in a time of great change. And yet the Gospel of the Kingdom that Jesus preached, lived, and invites us into today, is eternal and unchanging. Sustainable Traditions is an exploration of the eternal lifeways and wisdom that is found in a whole-life devotion to the resurrected Jesus and His here-now/coming-soon Kingdom. This is a broad conversation – because our faith touches on every aspect of our human life. This conversation includes both heaven and earth – the theological and the practical – because belief and action cannot be separated. We are journeying towards holy community and the outworking of God’s love that calls us all out of pride and self-absorbed living. Jesus calls us to a new life. What does the outworking of this new life look like – within the crumbling walls of modern faith – and in the streets and fields of the world?

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In Praise of: Morning

'In Praise of' is a new series and blog on the Sustainable Traditions website where we cultivate the practice of thankfulness and the practical outworking of the Apostle Paul's encouragement in his ancient letter to Christians in Philippi: "Finally, brethren, whatever...

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Stewards Of Earth Are We

If we are satisfied that one of our roles as Christians is to steward the Earth – the place He created specifically for us – then the next logical question would be how. We can find our answer in many places in the Bible, but let us focus our attention to what Jesus...

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I Am Not A Luddite

In my efforts to point people to various methodologies of eco-agriculture I often encounter those who dispute these approaches. One of the frequent refrains I hear, “we can’t go back to those old ways, we must use technology to feed the world.” There is a massive...

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Do We Have Dominion Right?

God’s dominion mandate to Adam described in Genesis 1 cannot defensibly be used as an apologetic for extractive and exploitative use of Earth’s resources – or more conservatively stated as misusing creation for man’s benefit. Instead, I will illustrate that the...

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The Wisdom Of Salatin – Part 2

Here in this second installment of “The Wisdom of Salatin,” I continue to expand on Joel Salatin’s 10 common threads for success on the farm. Salatin, of the famous Polyface Farms, taught these at a presentation he gave at the Sustainable Agriculture Symposium last...

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The Wisdom Of Salatin – Part 1

On Nov. 18, 2014, Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms spoke at the Sustainable Agriculture Symposium sponsored by the Idaho Center for Sustainable Agriculture. In his address, Salatin delighted the crowd with his usual wit and acerbic commentary along with 10 common...

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