Reflections on the past, present and future of life and faith.

An Introduction

Sustainable Traditions is an invitation to more deeply consider the trajectory of our life, faith and culture in these modern/post-modern times. In a time of great change such as our own, we must look long and hard at our assumptions, allegiances, and the patterns of belief and practice we are passing onto the next generations. Ideas have consequences and the original message of Jesus and God’s coming kingdom calls for radical change in our lives. Because the kingdom of God has no boundaries – and because “the earth is the Lord’s” the message here encompasses a broad scope of topics: farming, society, human politics, food, community, prayer, poetic imagination, Creation, sabbath, economics, family, etc…

Also, to our liberal and our conservative readers: there is not one angle presented here – but a prism approach that is sure to lay flame to sacred cows and idols of all stripes and affiliations. Our longing is for Christian communities that look like Jesus, and a world that is being overtaken by mustard seeds of redemption. The revolution will not be televised.

I welcome you to join the conversation.
– Jason F., Sustainable Traditions co-founder

Reclaiming Our Food (Book Review)

“Across America, the grassroots food movement seems to be arising from a common feeling that we have lost our center…This book tells the story of people who are seeking to find a new center, to create meaning and purpose in their lives, to restore harmony and balance in their relationships with the land, food and each other…”

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Becoming People of a Place

Maybe we need to rethink the accomplishments of travel. Maybe the fewer the places someone has been, the more reason to celebrate. Maybe my mom’s lack of travel has blessed her with something that I cannot understand – a place to call her own…

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A Thankful Heart

It is easy to forget the LORD’s goodness sometimes and I far too often find fault even in the good gifts GOD gives us – but what a transformation that can take place when we commit our hearts to the practice of gratitude…

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Anchors In The Storm

The mythology of an economic recovery has only served to blind us – to deceive us into maintaining business as usual. But we can no longer live with a blind eye toward the horizon…Will we be people of love and peace and mercy- will we be anchors in the storm?- or will we be swept away in fear and self-seeking because we find our hearts did not truly trust the LORD?…

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Year of Plenty (book review)

Year of Plenty is an insightful, profound yet humorous narrative that provides a refreshing perspective on the intersection between Christian faith and issues of economy, environment, community, consumption, justice and sustainability…

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PLEASE NOTE: We are currently in the midst of re-imagining this website and contemplating creating a podcast and other resources, focused on embodied Christian faith and intentional living. Check out our extensive archives and look for more developments in the coming days. 5/26/18

– Jason F., Sustainable Traditions co-founder

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