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A Journal of Whole-Life Christian Faith

A Call to Reweave the Fabric of Belief and Practice.

Living Backwards from the Redemption of All Things

Jesus of Nazareth is the most misunderstood person in human history – and the most influential. When He walked the busy streets and wild places of ancient Israel His message was: “Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand”. Put another way – His message was: “Change the way you are living, because God is coming near”. From Eden to the New Earth the Bible presents this narrative – that we are accountable to God for the gift of life, for the gift of this world – and Jesus reiterated this call to faithfulness – a life lived fully before our Creator. Let our days not be wasted. Let us treasure this life – to find intention and meaning in work, love, and prayer. Let us live backwards from the restoration of all things – let us live an intentional and embodied, whole-life Christian faith.

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– Jason F., Sustainable Traditions co-founder