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Sustainable Traditions: Web Video of the Week

This time of year we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus- the most central act of GOD in the history of our world. He is The Passover Lamb for all who would partake. O, that we would fully partake. As John Mark McMillan sings:
“…On Friday a thief | On Sunday a King | Laid down in grief | But awoke with keys | Of Hell on that day| The first born of the slain | The Man Jesus Christ | Laid death in his grave So three days in darkness slept | The Morning Sun of righteousness | But rose to shame the throes of death| And over turn his rule Now daughters and the sons of men | Would pay not their dues again | The debt of blood they owed was rent | When the day rolled a new…” (Death In His Grave by John Mark McMillan)
(video: song- Death In His Grave by John Mark McMillan) ]]>