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[/caption] I am fascinated by the Tiny House movement. It is a brilliant way to reduce housing costs, simplify your life and live more lightly on the earth- all the while gaining time and money to more deeply pursue the kingdom purposes of GOD. I consider the movement towards residential downsizing as a part of the wider trend towards downshifting -which for many of us is voluntary but for others of us it is forced upon us as necessity in these troubled economic times. Either way this trend can help lead us to a simpler but fuller life as we search for the most essential gifts that GOD has given us. As an introduction to the movement (or to fan in to flame your already existing passion for small space living) you may be interested in the upcoming film ‘Tiny: A Story About Living Small“. I first heard about the documentary over at the Tiny House Design website and found a summary at the film website:

“…The average US house size in 2004 was 2,300 square feet, up from 1,400 square feet in 1970, even as the size of the average family has gotten smaller. What exactly are we doing with all of this extra space, and where are we finding the materials to build more houses on the greater scale? Just as large homes have become part of the default American dream, mortgage payments and home maintenance are accepted as a sign of adulthood. As Christopher decides to build a home, he dives into the tension between settling down and staying adrift, between maturity and wildness, between preserving a parcel of land that he loves, and developing it. “TINY” is the story of building a house from scratch, a journey that reaches to the very root of the way we live and how we find ourselves at home. It is a meditation on the relationship of home to environment, of surroundings to identity, of quality and simplicity to a life well lived…”
Check out the teaser trailer (final film to be released in Spring 2012): For more clips of the upcoming film go: here.]]>