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MSA Village: base for the CCSP Cascadia program[/caption] (Editor’s Note: In my last post I talked about Tom and Christine Sine who are long-distance friends of ours and who are continually serving as forerunners to the Body of Christ in the intersection of sustainable living, whole-life Christian faith and practical innovation for the future. They will be hosting CCSP Cascadia, a creation care study program, at their Mustard Seed Village which is currently under development. This is a great opportunity for any college-age student who is looking to explore sustainable living and Christian faith. -JF) Well-known author Shane Claiborne calls CCSP Cascadia, “ a space where you can re-imagine the way we live.”  Come join the inaugural CCSP Cascadia semester Spring 2013 and re-imagine new community based ways to live…new ways to become agents of sustainable change through organic gardening, social entrepreneurship & creation of resilient local communities. CCSP Cascadia is located half way between two urban centers of sustainability innovation, Seattle and Vancouver BC. Situated on 40 forested acres on Camano Island by the Salish Sea,  the Cascadia program offers abundant opportunities for sea kayaking, backpacking in the Cascades, as well as discovering a clearer sense of the call of the Creator God on your life. Cascadia is CCSP’s first North American based program, and the first Christian off-campus study program exclusively focused on sustainability.  Here are the course options. Cascadia Core Courses include:

  1. God and Nature: Theology of Community and Creation Care
  2. Social Entrepreneurship and Environmental Justice
  3. Global Environmental Studies
Sustainability Electives:
  1. Native American Worldview: Conceptual Models of Stewardship and Sustainability
  2. Sustainability Internship/Field Study
This cutting edge program is a partnership between CCSP (Creation Care Study Program) and Mustard Seed Associates (MSA).  Like all CCSP’s programs Cascadia’s mission is to be “agents of, and to participate in, God’s shalom, particularly through care of creation.” It is overseen by CCSP’s academic committee, and is run using CCSP’s educational philosophy and policies.  Thus, CCSP Cascadia is a CCSP program through and through, only it is managed day-to-day by the visionary and dedicated  MSA team. This spring CCSP Cascadia was introduced to CCSP’s supporting schools for approval, and so far the reception has been positive.  The first college coordinator responded “It Looks impressive! I am sure we will be able to get approval without too much difficulty.”  We hope to hear word regarding approval from all CCSP’s supporting colleges by the end of April. We are limiting this inaugural class at CCSP Cascadia on Camano Island to 12 students for our January 2013 Semester.  So, if you are interested or know of a student who might be, please contact us immediately.  We will quickly send you a detailed description of CCSP Cascadia and answer any questions you may have ranging from field placement to recreational opportunities in the Northwest. Contact team leader, Dr. Tom Sine, today with your questions and/or the names of other students who might also value receiving information about CCSP Cascadia  206-524-2111 Mustard Seed Associates… creating the future one mustard seed at a time]]>