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illustration by J Fowler[/caption] That’s the kind of thinking that can keep me up at night. I like the idea of having my very own little piece of the pie. And so I see the uncertainty of these times as a healthy exercise in learning to let go of our sweet little American Dream. Thankfully, Jesus wants us to give up on these little dreams we carry and protect. He knows they can’t last and must fall to pieces one day, and so he’s offering an alternative that will not perish or fade away. Jesus is offering us a place in God’s Kingdom, but the catch is we have to leave it all behind to follow him. The dying American dream that we can’t hold on to must be surrendered if we are to follow Jesus. And yet, I want to hold on to both… Oh for eyes to see and ears to hear. [Source: In A Mirror Dimly -Thank you Ed!]]]>