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The Work of The People featuring “author, New Monastic, peace-maker and speaker Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove” as he “reflects on Christian community and practice.” I appreciate Jonathan’s down to earth perspective here on intentional Christian community and how we must practically embody our theology in the everyday nuts and bolts of life and relationships. [caption id="attachment_1152" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Christian Community? (image: screen capture from The Work of the People video)"]Community: from The Work of the People[/caption] I think it fits well with a quote from one of my favorite books I re-opened the other day:

“The risen Christ is Lord of all the world, not just of a certain mystical sector of it. That is, either the Christian faith is relevant to all of life or it is not relevant at all.” –Peter L. Berger, The Precarious Vision: A Sociologist Looks at Social Fictions and Christian Faith [p. 171]
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