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[/caption] I’ve been thinking a lot about the BP oil spill -one among many other crisis in the world and in my personal life-  situations that are troubling or overwhelming or problems for which I have no real answers. For most of these issues -from the seemingly apocalyptic to the nagging and mundane- I have been deeply confounded- with more questions than answers. But this evening I stumbled onto a video that somehow gave me a shot of hope and I sensed GOD’s silent whisper saying: “Don’t underestimate my power to redeem- even seemingly impossible situations. Let me remix the music- change your perception and infuse new hope by My Holy Spirit.” The music may not change but our Father is a DJ who will teach us a new way to dance on all that threatens to crush our trust in His overwhelming goodness and infinite love. [brilliant remix video by DJ Pogo of his Mom in her garden- an uplifting and stunning music video]]]>