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[/caption] As an example of the broken state of our world- agriculture can be clearly seen to be in a state of crisis and in some places-collapse- and yet we see seeds of shalom- small glimmers of healing and abundance. Agriculture in America¬† is in crisis but it is also undergoing a shift towards a more redemptive and sustainable future. On one hand we have the industrial, centralized, mass-scale, chemically-driven, ecocidal, factory model of farming- and on the other hand we have an army of small-scale, beyond organic, restorative, community-driven, sustainably-minded farmers who are looking to reclaim a means of food production that I believe is the future of our nation’s food system. And many of these farmers are new to agriculture. As a generation that grew up on farms pass on – a movement of young adults is returning to the forgotten and failing countryside. In this growing movement I see a beautiful picture of the Kingdom of GOD- I see restoration- I see healing- I see a new generation returning to GOD’s creation- working with it- cultivating it instead of abusing it. Of all the things in the world, I feel the most hopeful when I see these ‘greenhorns‘ marching across fields with seeds of tomorrow in hand. And in my own way I am on a journey to join them. Learn more at:

    (video: The Greenhorns trailer) (video: The Greenhorns roughcut) (video: Cooking Up A Story: Food Works) (video: Cooking Up A Story: Next Generation of Family Farmers- Part 1) (video: Cooking Up A Story: Next Generation of Family Farmers- Part 2)]]>