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This is a paradigm-shifting series of short videos featuring Alan Hirsch, missiologist, a key figure in the missional church movement and author of Untamed: Reactivating A Missional Form of Discipleship, The Forgotten Ways and other books.  From the VERGE website:

“In these 7 videos, Alan Hirsch explains and articulates the DNA of Gospel Movements, the dynamics that lead to the rapid, indigenous multiplication of the gospel.  The explanation for the DNA of Movements forms the basis of his book, The Forgotten Ways, in which Hirsch defines the different elements of a movement, how they interact, and how we in the West can recover these elements in our context…”
Watch the full series of (7) videos on See some full and partial clips below:

Intro to the DNA of Gospel Movements:

Jesus Is Lord (clip):

Disciple Making:

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