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[/caption] Times are hard for many local communities all over our nation (and around the world) as economic recovery has proved to be an illusion for many. Unemployment continues to sky-rocket and the need for social service programs is growing. But to meet this challenge a growing movement of churches is taking the timeless tradition of small-scale food production and giving it a missional twist. Rising to meet the needs of local food banks, their own members and as a means of outreach to their communities- many congregations are taking the idea of local, sustainably raised food and cultivating the land as a means to enact the Gospel and the Kingdom love of Jesus. Take a look at one Canadian church’s efforts to do just that (video by Canadian media outlet 100 Huntley Street– 2009): There is still time to organize a church-based community garden this growing season. What are you waiting for? (Note: if you are in the Lynchburg/Bedford, Virginia area we would love to talk to you about starting a community garden at your church. We would also love to hear from you if you are near us and have already started on the path toward missional community gardening)]]>