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Truck Farm: An Experiment in Food and Film[/caption] Now that we are temporarily off the farm and away from the abundant rural landscape my mind has turned to how folks in suburban and urban areas can pursue more self-reliant/community-reliant living. One of the most innovative spaces in sustainable agriculture these days is in areas where land is not abundant- and in tight places people like the Dervaes Family (despite their recent controversy), Will Allen of Growing Power and many others (like our own local Lynchburg Grows) are pioneering a resurgence in sustainable agriculture, urban homesteading and self-reliant/community-reliant living. One of my favorite (and the most fun) sustainable agriculture experiments that I have heard of is Wicked Delicate’s film and food project: Truck Farm– which is a “mobile community farm, a documentary about urban agriculture and – a public art and education project.” Check out these inspiring videos: (video: Truck Farm: The Trailer) (video: Truck Farm: Episode One) (video: Truck Farm: Episode Two) (video: Truck Farm: Episode Three) What are you waiting for? If these guys can grow food in a pickup truck you can grow food anywhere!]]>