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Sustainable Traditions: Web Video of the Week

Faint NotSome of the music I have been listening to lately (thanks to NoiseTrade!) is Jenny & Tyler‘s folky album ‘Faint Not‘. The title track of the album is a passionate reflection on the meeting of the human soul with the overwhelming brokenness of the world around us. Out of this struggle to continually choose sacrificial love we are reminded that it is not idealism or politically-inspired activism but humble submission to the Holy Spirit through whom we can pursue enduring social change and say, like the ancient Hebrew psalmist-king David, “o my soul, faint not, no faint not | o my soul, keep up, up in love“. The song ‘Faint Not’ begins with a prophetic lament and ends with a modified prayer originally attributed to St. Francis:
the problem’s not a gun, not a color, not a hundred dollar bill we think the struggle can be won with simple thoughts like ‘come together be good willed’ the gap between the rich and poor is spreading out all the more or so they say we ignore the claims…” “…where there is hatred, let me sow love where there is injury, let me pardon where there is darkness, let the Light come, come…”
We need supernatural courage and heaven-born hope in these tumultuous times and what better way to remind ourselves to “keep up in love” than to feed on the songs from a couple courageous hearts calling us to fix our minds on things above so we can get down and dirty in the hear and now. Enjoy! [video source: Jenny & Tyler]]]>