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Recycled Housing by Dan Phillips of Phoenix Commotion[/caption] Call us crazy but my wife and I would love someday to build ourselves a geodome or an ‘Earthship‘. But right now home ownership seems light-years away- and ecological housing an even more distant dream. We almost joined the ranks of home-owners right before the sub-prime mortgage crisis hit several years back. Thankfully we didn’t buy because I’m sure we would have been in way over our heads. While we currently live in a cabin on a beautiful farm/old village owned by an older Christian couple-we still dream of something of our own – of affordable, sustainably-minded housing. And in a nation of cookie-cutter McMansions you won’t find low-cost eco-housing in the real estate listings- especially for those of us who technically are considered ‘below the poverty line’. In light of this, I got really excited to discover Dan Phillips of Phoenix Commotion and his groundbreaking approach to building ‘recycled’ houses from salvaged materials through one-on-one mentoring. Could Dan’s vision reshape the financial, ecological and architectural landscape of America? What if churches all over the nation got involved in this building initiative to serve those in need and care for GOD’s creation? Take a look: (video: source) (video: source) (video: source)]]>