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Fuller Studio, with a bang – featuring two heavyweights in their own regard – U2’s Bono and Eugene Peterson – author of The Message Bible translation and numerous other books on Christian spirituality. In this new video by Fuller Studio, titled ‘Bono and Eugene Peterson on The Psalms‘, the conversation is both down-to-earth and genuine. Watching Bono, the quintessential rock star, humbly sitting with coffee and cookies at a table with the foremost modern bible translator, Eugene Peterson – their conversation is short but packs a punch. Bono, wondering out loud, questions why there is not more rawness, like the Psalms, in today’s ‘church music’. Eugene talks about the need for honesty before God and what inspired him to create The Message. They continue the conversation about the Psalms and touch on the dishonesty of bad ‘Christian art’, living with violence, God’s response to violence (namely: the crucifixion of Jesus), and more. Watch the video below: Kudos to Fuller Studio for opening up a window into the unlikely friendship between Bono and Eugene Peterson – may we have more conversations and collaborations, rooted in Scripture, between theologians and artists – that it would lead to a widespread renewing of the Christian imagination in our day.]]>