Alan Hirsch: DNA of Gospel Movements [VERGE Videos]

Alan Hirsch: DNA of Gospel Movements [VERGE Videos]

This is a powerful series of short videos featuring Alan Hirsch, missiologist, a key figure in the missional church movement and author of Untamed: Reactivating A Missional Form of Discipleship, The Forgotten Ways and other books. Be warned- you may start asking dangerous questions after watching these…

Dear GOD

Jesus taught us to call GOD ‘poppa’- a blasphemous intimacy for the religious people of his day- but when Poppa seems to have withdrawn how do you maintain your trust in Him?…

Gardening With GOD

Perhaps one reason God created human beings to tend the garden is because God knew that it is in its midst that we connect most intimately to the character and ways of our Creator. Yet much theology about creation care focuses more on preserving wilderness areas and overcoming pollution than on the joy of gardening.

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