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[/caption] So now we are heating the place with many electric heaters and staying mostly cool but OK. As I am brushing my teeth in the chilly bathroom, I crank on the wall heater and am thankful for it’s instant heat. Usually we are very careful about how much we use these energy sucking types of heaters but not this day because I am COLD and have no other choice. And it hits me, there are a lot of folks out there that have no other choice. At this point I can understand and I can see that folks with limited resources and choices do not care about how they are destroying the earth by using SO much electricity-they are cold and just want to be warm. Those that are really hungry, do not care that pesticides get farmers sick and poison water tables, they just want food for their children. So I realized that a lot of what I was advocating for was for those that have choices, for the ones wealthy enough to have the ability to think about these things. That I was not being fair to those that need to think about their basic needs first. So I started to think, how can I help those with limited choices not only have what they need to live but to give them choices? Teach gardening? A free solar power system put in their home? Alternative water sources? Frugal food planning? How can I help people be less stuck by the system? How can I help people get back the power to produce for themselves? And in doing that, increase their ability and desire to care about the environment around them. (Update: we do have propane again by the way)]]>